Here, we have posted a virtual library of links of interest to our visitors and BDSMers in general.


The Fetish Information Exchange
Excellent basic, advanced, safety, and professional information on BDSM. Very comprehensive and well written site.

The Castle Realm
Excellent library of BDSM information, from basic how-tos to in-depth information. One of the best and best known. Society for Human Sexuality
Site dedicated to the better education of people in sexuality. Wide range of topics, not the least of which is BDSM. Location specific information for the Pacific Northwest, also.

The soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm FAQ List
Frequently Asked Questions from the soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm news group. This is an excellent resource that answers just about any question you might ask about BDSM. Highly recommended.

Clubs And Organizations:

Club Inferno
Club Inferno is a work in progress by The Mack McKinnon Memorial Society, an adult organization for members and their guests. The Societyís aim is to make Club Inferno available as a facility for the promotion of BDSM fun, education and the development of BDSM community spirit in the Vancouver area.

The Wet Spot
The Wet Spot is a non-profit community center, created by and for those in Seattle who consider themselves "sex-positive." They host regular events at our 4400 square foot space near Queen Anne, and offer use of this space to our membership and the diverse community organizations they represent.

The Vancouver Whipists
A group centred in Vancouver, BC, Canada which will hold regular gatherings of kinky whip handlers of all levels of experience for the purpose of education, training and competition. Their web site will be developed as a resource for the sharing of information pertaining to the world of single-tail whips and whip enthusiasts. They'll be posting articles, notices of events, links to other resources and doing what they can to foster the safe use of single-tails in BDSM.

Comprehensive index of BDSM related web sites. Said to be the largest BDSM index in the world.


Stone Iris Creations
Exceptional collars, cuffs, paddles, and other toys locally made in British Columbia, Canada. Be sure to check out the excellent metal accents on the collars and cuffs.

"Purveyors of playful disciplinary toys for consenting adults". Excellent paddles, leather, canes, accessories, and play packs. Locally made in British Columbia, Canada.

David Morgan Whips
David Morgan, based in Seattle, makes some of the best whips in the world. Everything from 3' signal whips to 12' bull whips, and everything in between can be had. David Morgan made many of the whips for the Indiana Jones movies, Batman Returns, and The Mask of Zorro. Highly recommended reading on care and use of whips can be found here, too.

Little Sister's
Book and art emporium. Excellent selection of books relating to alternate lifestyles - especially gay and lesbian. They also offer a fine selection of magazines, toys, videos, and a great bulletin board just inside the door. Located locally, in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Womyns' Ware
Amazing selection of adult toys. Located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Subshop
Large selection of fetish toys and clothing. Very nice site design. Easy to navigate.

Siggy's Lingerie Shop
Arousing clothing galore for both men and women. A definate favorite.

Adult Toy Chest
Toys and clothing. Big selection. Plus size clothing available here, too.

Lasting Leather
Great quality leather products from Wes.

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